PROFIT OF UP TO $10.00 per Mug

We use Ceramic Fundraising mugs which is an excellent quality, highly durable mug. The artwork will become part of the mug, you will not feel the print at all, so it will not scratch off or fade. You will receive a full colour photo quality print of your artwork which is microwave, and dishwasher safe. Great for a keep sake and gifts for the whole family. The children will be proud to see their artwork on a mug to be used for themselves and as a gift.

Our Fundraisers are easy to organise and will reward you with a good profit for your school or organisation

Base price starts at as follows

Cost $14 per mug - Sell $20.00 - $26.00 per mug
Profit between $6.00 - $12.00 per mug

eg. SOLD 50 Mugs at $20.00 per mug
PROFIT = $300
(we love seeing all the beautiful creations from the children)

Our ceramic mugs are made to be used time and time again without scratching or fading, they all come in a nice gift box

The Price above is based on the standard white mug, extra applies to polymer (unbreakable) mugs and the various colour mugs.



Fundraising Mug, price list

(MC01) Standard white ceramic mug with Gift box $14ea

(MC03) Standard white polymer nonbreakable mug with Gift box $16ea


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